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Impact Driver with Exceptional Driving Power

If you are in need of a product that can deliver great power and durability, an impact driver may be a great addition to your power tool set.l The XDT14Z comes in a compact size with a better power-than weight proportion. The great thing about this driver is that it comes with a lightweight design and is similarly compact, with only a 4-5/8 inch long frame. This impact driver needs a 18-volt battery and is compatible with Makita's Lithium-Ion 18-volt series.

This product features a BL Brushless motor for additional longevity with the product, as well as 1,550 inch pounds of torque at maximum drive. This product also comes with a 1/4 inch hex chuck that makes bit changes significantly faster and easier, performed with a single touch. Like the former drivers, the Makita XDT14Z also comes with L.E.D. lights to illuminate dimly lit or tight workspace areas.

The Makita XDT14Z comes with 3-speeds and Quick-Shift Mode. This allows you to adjust between speeds according to your precision, torque, and run-time needs. The Makita XDT14Z also automatically downshifts to protect your workpiece from accidental damage and over-driving.

Like similar products the Makita XDT14Z offers Star Protection Computer Controls. This, like with the former products, allows the battery and tool to collaborate more efficiently. This defends the product against overheating, overloading, and over-discharging damages. To ensure that everything works properly, this product also monitors battery conditions.

If you are in the market for an impact driver that can deliver exceptional driving power and compact design, then an impact driver is for you. The Makita XDT14Z is a great option that delivers three speed options, as well as an L.E.D. light, excellent RPM, and great torque abilities. Since this product comes with a durable design and great power, as well as Star Protection Computer Controls and BL Brushless motors, it would be an excellent choice of impact driver for heavy-duty jobs.

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