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Minimalism Just Got A Fresh Coat written by Justin Press

The Graco 17M363 Ultra Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

In today’s world, the idea of decluttering has become a religion unto itself, a daily practice of removing the excess that used to keep us tied up and bound like a case of household Stockholm Syndrome.

This desire to remove too many moving parts has now found its way into our home improvement world with less mess, fewer cords, fewer wires, less of everything, and that includes less fuss. Painting your walls-- interiors and exteriors-- can have a zen-like quality to it, but boy does it once require a lot of stuff: brushes, ladders, paint cans, stir sticks, drop cloths, it's endless! All of this stuff so that you can one day enjoy a few coats of eggshell gloss in your guest room. The result is nirvana, the process and set-up, painful. But now, with the new Graco 17M363 Ultra Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer, nirvana is just a few minutes away. Graco has ditched the clumsy cords and replaced the power with a new DeWalt 20V lithium-ion battery unit that will handle a 5-gallon paint job whilst eliminating the need to move your power cords constantly and plugs and the dog and... whew, it's exhausting! You never have to worry about your power because the Graco 17M363 comes with two (2) batteries, more than enough to cover the guest room, pool room, person cave, you name it. The new carbide piston pump delivery system insistently sprays without any changes in the pressure or coverage, no more reapplying the roller over that same spot hour after hour.

The idea of a professional-grade, green energy powered paint spray that is easy on your arms with its lightweight, durable build and easy to adjust speeds makes it a breeze for the weekend warrior touching up the kitchen or the professional painter aiming to satisfy the client's unique tastes, avocado green bathroom? Hey, whatever your heart desires. What used to take hours now takes just a matter of moments, and isn’t that what work is all about, kicking your feet up? Zen never went on easier or smoother. 

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