Ledlenser H8R Headlamp

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LED Lenser H8R Headlamp
8.000 LBS
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  • Ledlenser H8R Headlamp
  • Ledlenser H8R Headlamp
  • Ledlenser H8R Headlamp
  • Ledlenser H8R Headlamp
  • Ledlenser H8R Headlamp
  • Ledlenser H8R Headlamp


Ledlenser H8R Headlamp

One of our brightest and best-selling headlamps.

The H8R allows you to keep your hands free for the project or task in front you you. With 600 powerful lumens of bright white light, this LED headlamp offers Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System, which allows you to transition light from a broad floodbeam to a sharply focused long-distance beam. The H8R also has a rear red light for added security and visibility, so you can be seen from behind, and simple operation with Smart Light Technology with multiple light modes.



Special functions

  • Rear Light - a red backlight so that you can also be seen from behind
  • Transportation Lock - prevents the light from being turned on inadvertently
  • Dimmable - seamless adjustment of the luminosity


  • Front Switch - a switch on the head of the torch so you can use one hand
  • Multifunctional Switch - multi-function switch for quick and easy control of individual light functions



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