Nanit Swaddle

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Nanit Breathing Swaddle S
1.000 LBS
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  • Nanit Swaddle
  • Nanit Swaddle
  • Nanit Swaddle
  • Nanit Swaddle
  • Nanit Swaddle
  • Nanit Swaddle
  • Nanit Swaddle
  • Nanit Swaddle


The Nanit Swaddle works exclusively with the Nanit Pro or Plus nursery camera, to monitor your baby’s breathing motion with no sensors on their body or in their crib. The Nanit camera is able to track breathing motion by reading subtle movements in the fabric’s custom pattern, and alert you if your baby needs you. Plus, the Swaddle is snug, soft and comfy, to help them sleep soundly.

Peaceful sleep at your fingertips.

Feel more confident when leaving your baby in the crib each night, so you can get some sleep yourself. With Breathing Wear, the Nanit Pro & Plus cameras track your baby’s breathing motion, and let you know when they need you.

The benefits of swaddling. 

  • Better sleep for baby

    Swaddles prevent babies from waking themselves up with their startle reflex.

  • All night comfort

    Swaddles have a therapeutic effect that helps calm colicky babies

  • Safe and sound

    The AAP recommends swaddling to ensure babies sleep on their backs through the night

  • Warm and cozy

    Swaddles help babies maintain an optimal temperature throughout the night.

    Real-time tracking.
    No electronics necessary

    The Nanit Pro and Plus cameras read the custom-designed pattern on the Nanit Breathing Band to detect your baby’s breathing motion. Plus, it’s soft, safe, and simple.

    Secure, Stay-Put Flaps

    Open hook and loop attachments make for the perfect fit

    Machine Washable

    100% cotton and dryer safe

    Hip Healthy

    Widened middle section ensures your baby has enough wiggle room

    Feather Soft Edges

    Pinch-proof and glides on as easy as a good night’s sleep

    Two-Way Zippers

    Diaper checks and changes made easy. Well, easier...



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