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A Humble Beginning

The historic J&W Discount store was founded in 1994 in Jacksonville Florida’s Murray Hill neighborhood by local entrepreneurs Jack and Wayne Fanning. The 12,000-square-foot store on Post Street, west of the Murray Hill Theatre, sold discounted clothing, furniture, electronics, packaged groceries, and household goods supplied via relationships with big box retailers.


As the Murray Hill neighborhood began to modernize, Michael Danhour, President of land development and brokerage house, Danhour Group, purchased the business in 2017. The building was renovated in 2018 with the aim of offering quality, brand-name merchandise, and a remarkable customer experience. The exterior of the building, which had once been covered in graffiti, now includes murals commissioned from local artists Brenda Kato and Mary Allegretti, entitled “Bloom Where You Are Planted,” and an untitled piece by University of North Florida’s Meredith Sullivan composed of colorful jellyfish. “Michael Danhour has done a great job improving the appearance of the large, older building, which will now be a cherished landmark,” reads the press release from Kato Creative.


By 2020 the J&W family of brands has grown to include, an extension of the J&W store focused on making peoples’ lives “better together” with curated brands that exemplify the company’s vision. The J&W headquarters and construction supply house at 5985 Richard Street in Jacksonville also purchases on behalf of sister company Mitchell Creek Marina in Allons, TN, as well as the Shop J&W eBay and Amazon stores. Future plans include growing of our physical retail footprint and expansion of our distribution center in Jacksonville, the latter of which is already in the works!


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Our product specialists team are constantly keeping uptodate on the latest trends, deals, and best product options in their industry of profession. We conduct our own evaluation, write our own articles, and often take our own pictures to go above and beyond the basic non-descriptions that everyone else uses.


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Bloom Where You Are Planted

The 25-foot spiral vortex mural, Bloom Where You Are Planted, was commissioned by Michael Danhour and designed and painted by local illustrator, Brenda Kato.  Local artist Mary Allegretti also embellished the painting with her glass art.  This mural is their first artistic collaboration.  This mural is their first artistic collaboration. The brightly colored mural is on the back alley wall of the J&W Discounts building facing Edgewood Avenue next to another beautiful Jellyfish mural painted by Meredith Sullivan. The full blue moon, glowing stars and the tops of the tallest sunflowers can be seen towering over the Edgewood Diner that sits on the corner of Post Street and Edgewood Avenue. This is the ninth mural to be completed as part of the Murray Hill Preservation Association’s mural project managed by Jason Tetlack.

Brenda has named the mural “Bloom Where You Are Planted” as a reminder to think positively and give back to your community.  Michael Danhour wanted to improve the appearance of the large older building, which will now will be a cherished landmark. 

There are three more murals underway in the Murray Hill area and if people would like to see more murals in the future, they should donate to Murray Hill Preservation Association to help pay for supplies and artists. Learn more at

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