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Product Description

  • COLOR CODED FOR LEARNING — These plastic base ten counting blocks include 100 yellow units, 10 green rods, 10 blue flats and 1 red cube. Practice decimals, place value, counting, operations and more.
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING –These math cubes allow students to create visual representations of arithmetic and algebra exercises using the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands cubes.
  • HELP KIDS ACHIEVE MATH STANDARDS — This base ten set can help kids understand grade-appropriate math material such as place value, decimals, length and volume.
  • BUILT TO LAST — Made from durable plastic, these decimal base ten blocks can withstand numerous drops and years of use. They’re also easily washable.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME OR SCHOOL USE — A staple learning resource for classrooms, this set of counting blocks is small enough to be used at home. Keep a set with your teaching or homeschooling supplies!
  • LEARNING THROUGH PLAY — Our products inspire children to play with purpose. Play is the best teacher! Our high-quality, educational resources fulfill learning needs from 18 months to 12 years.

These brightly color-coded, plastic base ten blocks visually represent ones, tens, hundreds and thousands so students can visualize and quickly differentiate place value. The set includes 100 yellow cubes, 10 green rods, 10 blue flats, and 1 red thousand block. These hands-on teaching tools are designed to last for years and they’re easy to keep clean. For ages 3+ || Size of thousands cube: 10cm L x 10cm W x 10cm H; size of unit 1cm sides.


Engage Kids with this Math Staple

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Use as a visual aid for place value

The ones, tens, hundreds and thousands blocks are proportionately sized and provide an accurate visual representation of numbers.

Color-coded for easier understanding

Children are able to identify place values more easily when they can equate colors with the Base Ten block values. Great for subitizing skills, too!

An essential tool for math learning

Use Base Ten blocks to teach math concepts such as place value, operations, fractions, decimals, percents and volume.

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A Colorful Classroom or In-Home Learning Resource

Set includes 121 plastic pieces: 100 yellow cubes, 10 green rods, 10 blue flats and 1 red thousand block. Scored in centimeters on all sides.

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Learning should be fun!

Make play purposeful with our range of expert-designed, hands-



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