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Learning Advantage Giant Magnetic Foam Ten Frames – In Home Learning Manipulative for Early Math.


  • TEACH STEM — Ten frame sets are a highly useful foundational math tool for kids and students to learn base ten. Easily teach multiplication, addition, subtraction, division and fractions.
  • LARGE SIZE FOR DEMONSTRATING MATH CONCEPTS — These Giant Ten Frames measure 12. 25 in x 5 in. There is no back on the frames and this permits writing/drawing through the boxes on to a whiteboard or using the included yellow and red counters.
  • IDEAL DESIGN FOR STUDENT USE — With extra thick counters that are easy to handle, students can clearly see teacher demonstrations on a magnetic whiteboard.
  • SUITABLE FOR MANY MATH CONCEPTS — With counters in two colors, children can more easily understand addition and subtraction concepts. Subtilizing – the ability to instantly see how many – also becomes easier with this large, colorful display.
  • HANDS-ON MATH — The size, shape and design of the Giant Magnetic Ten Frame Set is ideal to allow kids to learn math by manipulating the counters. Easy set up on any magnetic metal surface allows learning in an interactive environment.
  • A VITAL TOOL FOR UNDERSTANDING MATH — Using this expert-developed, proven, timeless tool for learning basic math concepts, children’s confidence will thrive! It is an essential tool for anyone hoping to teach math to young learners.


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