Mya Hospital Strength Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump with Large Tote and Accessories (Out of Stock)

Ameda Mya®



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Product Description

The Ameda Mya® is a breakthrough hospital strength portable breast pump that is compact without compromise to help make mom’s pumping experience the best it can be. Mya is small, super lightweight, ultra-quiet, and can be operated by a rechargeable battery. Mya offers moms a convenient, safe, discreet way to provide their babies vital nutrition with a new level of freedom. Whether it’s work, travel, running errands, or just having a night out, Mya is the easiest way to pump on-the-go. The Mya has double or single electric pumping options. Its true closed protection system helps to prevent breast milk from backing up into the tubing and pump. It will automatically remember the last used settings thanks to its memory function, and it will automatically power down after 30 minutes with its smart auto power off feature. For two full hours, moms can pump after just one charge. The Mya offers 10 levels of expression and 5 levels of massage stimulation for the ultimate comfort while pumping.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Ameda Mya® Collection System Kit, Ameda Mya® Tubing, Ameda Mya® Valves, Ameda Mya® Back-Flow Protector, Ameda Mya® Flanges (21.0mm, 24.0mm, 28.0mm, 30.0mm, 32.0mm), Ameda Mya® Bottles, Ameda Mya® Locking Rings and Caps, Ameda Mya® North American Power Adapter




  • With a .5 LB pump body that fits in the palm of your hand, Mya has an ultra-quiet, electric motor that operates at less than 45dB for better privacy when pumping on the go
  • No outlet, no problem; with a built-in, rechargeable battery, get two hours between charges so you can pump on-the-go with no extra batteries or power adapter
  • True Closed Protection System helps to prevent breast-milk from backing up into the tubing and pump to keep your milk free from contaminants
  • Since no two pumping sessions are the same, Mya allows you to personalize each pumping session thanks to a 2-Phase Adjustable Suction Mode with 10 unique levels of Expression Mode and 5 levels of Massage Mode


  • 2-phase adjustable suction modes: 10 levels of expression mode, 5 levels of massage/stimulation mode
  • Memory function remembers the last setting
  • Timer display easily tracks pumping time
  • Smart auto power off powers down after 30 minutes
  • Double or single electric pumping options
  • Up to 280mmHg suction strength
  • True Closed Protection System helps to prevent breast milk from backing up into the tubing and pump
  • Internal rechargeable battery – two hours at full power on just one charge
  • Long, reliable performance backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Pump Dimensions: 4” (L) x 3.5” (W) x 1.75” (H)


  • Weight: 1 lb

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